The week leading up to my visit to Austin, TX, I had my heart set for Franklin’s, La Barbeque, and Salt Lick. But upon arrival, I was immediately told to hop in my pickup truck and drive down to Lockhart, TX if I wanted the OG goods.  I was game. I was to visit 2 places.

Black’s Barbecue (Founded 1932)


My favorite bite was the Giant Beef Rib at Black’s. The meat was tender, flavorful, still had resistance, and delicious with smokey goodness.


Kreuz Marketplace (Founded 1900)

This institution has been around for over 100 years. Built to turn and burn, it is quite the operator of quality Texas BBQ. A little too heavy handed with the black pepper in my opinion, but nevertheless, you can’t deny its a good smoke.


I’ll surely be back and ready to try more of what Texas BBQ has to offer.