3 Stars since 1968.  Let me say that again.  La Maison Troisgros in Roanne, France has held 3 Michelin Stars since 1968.

Ever since I was a sales rep working my first food industry job at a specialty gourmet distributor in NYC, I read about the legendary Troisgros and always wanted to experience this institution where Nouvelle French cuisine was born.  

Jean and Pierre Troisgros, mavericks of their time changed the way French food was to be approached for the next generation of great cooks.  One very big distinction in their way of cooking was to remove the heavy sauces that often accompanied dishes.  This made the meal lighter and much more playful.  Colors, Textures, Temperatures of various ingredients on the plate now were being mixed and matched in ways never seen before.  This gave chefs literally a brand new canvas to work on and many scholars of food give credit to this iconic kitchen not too far from Lyon.  

For the past two decades, the acclaimed restaurant in Roanne, France has been run by Pierre’s son, Michel.  And as dynasties are concerned, the baton is within site for Michel’s son Cesar one day.

It was just my luck I had the opportunity to be in Japan this week and got a reservation at Troisgros’ Tokyo restaurant.

As far as French food is concerned, Tokyo may be the best city in the world outside of France to enjoy French cuisine.  The obsession and meticulous execution of the Japanese kitchen workforce is second to none.

So as much as I hoped to visit Roanne, France one day, dining at Troisgros in Tokyo was a complete thrill for me.  I can happily say I checked off a wish from my bucket list today.

Right from when I arrived with my guest, we were greeted with smiles and a warm welcome.  Ushered to our beautiful table (Table #12) in the back of the restaurant, we were seated facing the grand layout of the floor with giant wooden pillars and beams framing the room like an artist framing his painting.  We immediately felt welcomed and at ease.

We had ordered the tasting menu and to my recollection, this may have been one of the finest and well balanced menus I have ever had.