I love Sushi.  I just wanted to make that clear.

It is impossible not to associate Japan with Sushi.  The moment you tell a friend you are traveling to Japan, their sushi envy starts and you end up talking about it incessantly.  

Well, I made it to Tokyo and headed to my old friend’s place, Sushi Yasuda.  I’ve known this guy for almost 17 years and I kind of think he’s more intense now than he was when I first met him.  

His sushi is his own creation.  He doesn’t adhere to recipes passed down from master to apprentice.  He doesn’t adhere to what certain sushi associations say or do.  He is a maverick and follows his own compass.   

After an epic 29 pieces of fist clenching pieces of nigiri, we called it quits for the night and headed back to our hotel.  

I’ll be back in a few days for Round 2.