Up Close and Personal with Sushi

I think the reason I love sushi so much is because you get to meet and interact with the person preparing your food.  You are literally an arm’s length away and the personal experience is second to none in the restaurant dining world.  

Having sat at Chef Yasuda’s sushi bar gives me such a perspective on the art of Sushi, it is an absolute joy to share with friends I get to bring along.  Although every Sushi Chef will have his or her own philosophy of preparation and execution, they all share the love feeding their guests with something they think is worthy and delicious.  

Tonight’s experience was like each and every night at Sushi Bar Yasuda.  Exceptionally prepared and you can really enjoy the passion and drive of Chef’s sushi.  

Unique to the Tokyo Sushi scene, it does not disturb me one bit.  He is happy doing what he loves and I, along with many others enjoy eating his amazing creations.