1st Course : Oysters

It's not everyday you get to work with a chef you absolutley admire.  Chef Akiyama is one of them.  He hails from Miyazaki, Japan and comes from a line of chefs in his family.  After immigrating to the US nearly 20 years ago, I've had the pleasure of knowing Chef Akiyama for over 15 years.  His love for working with quality ingredients is second to none.   On a recent dinner at Sakamai (where Chef Akiyama is the Executive Chef), my guest and I enjoyed a great tasting menu.  Please enjoy the pictures attached.  

2nd Course : Handrolls (Toro and Kanpachi)
3rd Course : Kakuni Slider
4th Course : Egg on Egg on Egg
5th Course : Octopus
6th Course : Beef Tartare
7th Course : Iberico & Potatoes
8th Course : Dessert